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Saturday, 9 July 2016

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How Does Google Search Engine and It's Algorithm Works - Detailed Description

Today If we ask any random people a single question then mostly the answer which we will get is "Yes" and the Question is "Had You Ever Used Google ?". Google is today so much popular and also become a important part of our cyber world in short we can say that Google is Ruling over the Virtual World. If any person want to start or test his/her network S/he'll probably type www.google.com :D 

Well We all Common People and Internet Geeks use Google but few people know how does Google Search Engine works and what are the factors responsible for the dynamic update of the Search Engine Query Result. 

The Above Concept is Very Beneficial for the Blogger and We Hope that Many Bloggers Know about various Google Search Engine Algorithms, Page Ranking Factors, About Crawling and Indexing Of Websites.

So to Know more about Google First we should Know about What is Search Engine ?

 What is Search Engine ?

Search Engine is Web Software System which is capable for digging out the information from the large repository of an server where the data is indexed in an Optimal Solution i.e. Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Search Engine uses different steps for storing a Page Content for the Search.

Google is the Best Example of the Search Engine System.
Google Search Engine Algorithm

Different Steps Of Google Search Engine : 

Google Search Engine or any general Search Engine is based on three Steps which is required for an Search Engine.
  1. Crawling
  2. Indexing
  3. Evaluation Of Query for Search Result (Main Search Engine Algorithm)


Crawling is the initial phase of the Google Search Engine. Crawling is an automated technique to traverse a website and all the link which are associated to that particular page. The In Depth Crawling on a Page is also required for indexing and Evaluation of Page Rank. There is a software which is responsible for maintaining this automate script for crawling the page from World Wide Web called Web Crawler.
Role Of Robots.txt In Crawling : While Crawling to a Page the Web Crawler should also skip the crucial directory like admin panel one which increase the anonymity of that directory and prevent it from hacking but to know this there should be a script which tell the Crawler about  privilege to its software to index. 

There is two simple token define the Privilege i.e. allow or disallow and there is also a special field call Sitemap Url.

Role Of Sitemap In Crawling: Sitemap is combination of Website + Map that means a Complete blueprint and tell the Crawler about the URL of that accessible page available at the sitemap and this all link are ready to get indexed.


Indexing Term in Google Search Engine is used to Feed the Fetched or Traversed data done by the Web Crawler to the Google Repository which if further divided into blocks which is useful for Google Search Engine Algorithm.

There are many factors which are responsible during the Indexing of the Particular Web Page into the Google Search Engine Database.
  • Domain Authority
  • Internal Pagelinks
  • External Pagelinks
  • Social Shares/Popularity
  • Responsiveness
  • Publish Date
  • Heading Tags and Meta Content

Evaluation Of Google Search Query :

Evaluating a Google Search Query is always a mysterious thing as the Relevancy which they provide is so accurate most of the time that none of any visitor want to switch to any other alternate Search Engine. Well We Can't find much about the Algorithm but yes we found a Sequence which gives a outlook about its functionality :
  1. Parse the Query
  2. Convert words into some Words ID.
  3. Starting from the start of the Docpage and Scanning all short block for every words
  4. Scan It and Make a Answer
  5. Compute the Rank of the Docs
  6. If there are many result then Sort it using Search Algorithms
As In the Above we had discussed a bit about Google Search Engine Algorithm but now we will discuss various types of Google Search Engine Algorithm.

Various Google Search Engine Algorithms:

1. RankBrain Algorithm : RankBrain Algorithm is an algorithm use to sort the page according to its rank evaluated at the time of crawling and indexing. The Rank also depend majorly upto the Relevancy of the particular query.

Well RankBrain is a Machine Learning Process and it's a part of the Search Algorithm Humming Bird Algorithm. Humming Bird algorithm is the Whole body of the Google Search Engine.
2. Humming Bird Algorithm : Hummin Bird Algorithm is Introduced in late 2013 for increasing the accuracy of the Search Result which increases the User Satisfaction level as it is lying upon the User's Expectation. As we Discussed Earlier about the Engine Of Humming Bird i.e. RankBrain Algorithm is also playing a vital role as it focus more on the word for Query Evaluation.

3. Panda Algorithm: Panda Algorithm is one of the Popular Algorithm as Many of the Blogger suffer from the Slap of Panda Algorithm. Well Google Panda Algorithm is the search filter to penalize and exclude the pages having poor quality content which include short content, meaning less content etc.

4. Penguin Algorithm: The Penguin Algorithm was introduced in April 2012 to detect and monitor all the website which are using Blackhat Methods for improving or boosting up their Google Search Engine Result Page by buying paid links and networks. Giving Priority to Content and Freshness the Google Introduced this Algorithm.

5. Payday Algorithm: Some times we have seen some Spammy Queries which should be filtered out and for this PayDay Algorithm is Used.

6. Pigeon Algorithm : This Algorithm is used to increase more relevancy for Local Search Result and this came to be useful while using "Near By Me" Queries type.
7. Top Heavy Algorithm : Top Heavy Alogirthm is a filter to clean out all the website containing too many ads in their website which clearly show money oriented strategy rather than content oriented.

8. Pirate & Mobile Friendly Algorithm: Today having a Mobile Friendly Website and plagiarism free website is chosen for high page SERP using this algorithm.

Hope We win to Make you understand about Google Search Engine and It's Algorithm Working. Please Comment to Let Us Know

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Monday, 6 June 2016

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How to Have an Effective Digital Marketing For Your Blog/Website ?

Effective Marketing for a Blog is as much important as the Content of the blog is important. Webmaster Often say that they fail to get visitor or they fail to get a good brand image of their own blog, The reason behind this is the marketing of that blog. Today Visitors or Reader doesn't bother about the quality of language, they just want a understandable language but if the Website or Blog fails to justify itself to be the reliable and consistent blog then defiantly the Website will lost its Readership.

Digital Marketing Strategies and Effective Marketing

What does Marketing Includes ?

As per the virtual world network need there are types of marketing which really classified :
  1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  2. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  3. Email Marketing (EM)
  4. Online Advertising (OA)
Today to Acquire New Clients and To Maximize the Returning Client the Digital Marketing is the convenient way as it have more power to Engage the visitors in area where you're the King. This type of strategy is useful to build up the trust over your Brand and also authenticity of your news.

If we see from the eyes of the client or a visitor the Facebook page with maximum likes gives a stamp of being trusted by maximum client which is very important because as already told that this increases the readership and possibility to increase sales.

What's More Benefits From Digital Marketing ?

  1. Increase In Business Reputation
  2. Make You One Step Ahead from Your Competitor
  3. Planning and Execution of Plan become more Easier
  4. Better Interaction with Visitor and Client
  5. Better Control on Campaign 
  6. Very Low Barrier to Entry

How to Have an Effective Digital Marketing Strategies ?

  • First You should be Specific about the Goal i.e. What You Want to Provide 
  • Now What You Want is the Biggest Question
  • Now If you're Old Company or Website then See your Past and Analyze the Stats through which you'll get on which Keyword or on which the Client attracted Most.
  • Target Client and Their Language Main thing is to make your product understandable and this will possible if you will make your client comfortable.
  • Know Your Budget : You should know the budget for digital marketing campaign.
  • Select Your Platform for Digital Marketing Campaign : Be Specific with your platform like Whether you want to for marketing like Facebook,twitter or any other platform
  • Make the Plan : Make a Proper Plan to Execute, as the Digital Marketing give you the ease of plan and execution.

Your Blog is Your Business and Your Visitors are Your Client

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Friday, 23 October 2015

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BlackHat SEO Really Works ?

BlackHat Hacking term is known for all but some of our friend might don't know about BlackHat SEO also because with the help of this we can boost up our website Ranking and also Domain Authority but One Question arises Does it Really Works??

BlackHat SEO strategy is most acceptable strategy by many blogger since WhiteHat SEO needs More Effort and Patience to see Progress whereas with the Help of Blackhat SEO a Blogger can boost their ranking and traffic overnight. By Observing Many cases on Internet I thought to write a Post On this Matter as I was also indulge in such type of activity earlier so I know what are the Benefits and Loss From this Type of BlackHat SEO.

Well, I would like to first tell you some Benefits Of BlackHat SEO which you want to hear. First Of All, We call Blackhat SEO is a shortcut to a success of a blog. BlackHat SEO needs less expenses compare to whitehat SEO and also less effort because whitehat SEO is totally depend on the analytics and website content. BlackHat SEO needs less effort like Keyword stuffing and some hidden text, anchor text which will boost your SEO Ranking.

The Cons of BlackHat SEO, Blackhat SEO is most sensitive work either it will boost your ranking like a wizard's magic or penalize your website like a curse. With the Change in Search Engine Algorithm many blackhat SEO gets detected and definitely Search Engine will penalise you because it will make a bad effect for search engine experience.

Blackhat SEO is not a stable strategy through which you can earn traffic and ranking. For a couple of days you may earn some money but when the ads host will recognize it then be ready for penalty also. This type of SEO are also have a fear of legal action

Finally, the Choice is Yours but I would Recommend You to Go for WhiteHat SEO because A life without fear to loosing up is much better than a unethical way.
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Monday, 19 October 2015

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How to Get Google Approval Within 3 Days - Google Adsense Tricks

Google AdSense! One of the a lot of easiest, trusted and able way of earning money by assuming your affection appear autograph and administration the knowledge. Google AdSense is trusted by abounding advertisers and publishers from the accomplished few years, and usually they never acquire anyone about who is aggravating to administer for an account. You charge to appearance them the a lot of able access of accepting your annual accepted, abroad Google will artlessly bandy your appliance aside.

Statistics say that Google AdSense accepts alone 3 accounts of every 1000 applications they accept anniversary day. If you are aggravating to get assimilate the annual or has been alone earlier, chase these simple guidelines to get your own AdSense annual in just 3 simple days. Though these beneath tips won’t get you the annual accustomed instantly, but will absolutely plan if you try inheriting anniversary footfall mentioned below. I’m abiding it formed for 60% of humans who commented actuality and mailed me from the accomplished brace of years.

So before accepting started, accomplish abiding you chase these guidelines after fail, abroad your appliance will be alone after any added awaiting approval. Remember that aggregate which I mentioned beneath counts. Don’t accommodation on amount of posts, own domain, acceptable architecture and added metrics, abroad the affairs of bounce is college at your end. So actuality we go, the 15 a lot of important guidelines to chase afore applying to Google AdSense.

Minimum Posts/Articles/Pages: 

If you are appliance WordPress, accomplish abiding your website/blog has at atomic 40 superior online writing which are not affected from anywhere else. Your agreeable on the online writing should be acutely affluent and accomplish abiding you use accordant images area anytime required. Try to cover two diffuse online writing of 2000 words each, which should be actually beauteous while anyone reads them on your website. If you are appliance HTML website or any added non CMS adaptation of blog, accomplish abiding you accept atleast 50 pages on your website in anatomy or online writing or landing pages.
If you absence accouterment this any of the aloft advice on your website, Google ability adios your appliance adage Insufficient Agreeable or Unacceptable Site Content. So accomplish abiding they see abundant agreeable on your website afore applying the program. The added the content, the bigger affairs of approval.

Prohibited Website Niches:

Statistics appearance that your annual will go through a faster approval action if you accept added superior online writing on Health, Internet Marketing, Business, Law, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Travel, Lifestyle and Social Media. Google will yield your appliance as a austere breach if your website accommodate any of the banned agreeable mentioned in this hotlink here.
Some studies accept aswell accepted that Google AdSense ability adios your approval if your website is on accident blogging and micro alcove blogging. In this accurate blogging, you absolute your blog agreeable to alone one accurate accountable and actualize a spam area about it to rank higher. Eg: www.mayweathervspacquiaomatchonline.com (Mayweather vs Pacquiao Match Online). In some cases, if you accept empiric Google Ads in these of websites, apparently they accept activated the annual through an addition annual and placed the ads in this accident alcove blogging to acquire quick money.

No Third Affair Ads or Programs: 

Before applying to AdSense, accomplish abiding you don’t acquiesce or abode any added third affair banderole ad cipher on your website. Google (employees) will carefully attending into your website manually and they abhorrence seeing some third affair ads installed in your website. Break abroad from Infolinks, Chitika, Yahoo Ads or any added third affair arrangement to get the aboriginal consequence apple-pie on your website. Accomplish abiding you put alone the beginning agreeable and some accustomed widgets on the website.
Also, break abroad from associate links such as hosting programs, Amazon affiliates, Clickbank or anyother until your annual is approved.

Website Architecture and User Experience: 

Google consistently wish their users to get the best acquaintance while browsing through any website they refer. Maintaining a apple-pie architecture with acceptable aeronautics and user acquaintance will addition your affairs of accepting AdSense accustomed in the aboriginal attack itself. This is one of the aloft guidelines area lot of humans absence the basics. Google believes that if you advance able blush arrangement on your website, the user ability be accommodating to appear aback and bang on the accordant ads which are displayed beneath your content.
So accomplish abiding you advance a accurate and apple-pie architecture afore applying to AdSense. I would acclaim you to buy one able arrangement anywhere and get it installed on your website after ability the loading acceleration or simple navigation.

Google Analytics Code:

Adding Google Analytics cipher on your website is a trusted agency for the approval. Abacus Analytics assimilate your website appearance that you are actively tracking your visitors and is abundant austere about the statistics of your users who appointment your website. If you haven’t created one, bang actuality to annals the program. Once registered, get your tracking cipher by creating new annual beneath the accounts tab and admission your website name, URL and added appropriate details. Abode the cipher on anniversary page of your website to clue the abstracts instantly.

Google/Bing Webmasters Verification Page: 

Just like Google Analytics, you charge to even verify with Google Webmaster program, which has the complete admission to your website in seek perspective. With Google Webmaster Tools, you can clue your website analytical errors and fix them on a circadian basis. Bang actuality to annals and bang on “Add a Site” to admission your website URL. Verify your website buying through any of the recommended adjustment and complete the action to accumulate your annual activity actively.
Also, abacus the Bing Webmaster Accoutrement to your website will add added believability to your area that you are austere about the website seek visibility. Though this guideline is appealing simple to perform, abounding humans will get adequate after alive the accent of installing these tools.
Adding these two verifications on your website cipher or server will appearance acceptable after-effects on seek afterimage as well.

XML Sitemap Page:

Creating a sitemap doesn’t yield too abundant of your time. If you are appliance WordPress, I acclaim Google XML Sitemaps By Arne Brachhold. And if you are appliance any added platform, I acclaim you to checkout XML-Sitemaps website for added info. Installing a sitemap on your website can advice seek engine bots to basis your website faster, which is afresh a assurance agency to bots about the website trustworthiness.


Creating Robots.txt book on your website will get rid of indexing exceptionable clutter assimilate Google. I accept accounting a abundant column few canicule aback on how to abode absolute robots.txt for your website. Abroad you can aswell analysis SEOSiren.com own robots.txt book and artlessly archetype it to your WordPress website. I accept belted all the exceptionable abstracts indexation to seek engines, which adds a lot of bulk to your SEO efforts of baronial the pages college on Google. Plus, robots.txt book is addition abundant affection to add it your website as a assurance factor.

Alexa Rank: 

Google AdSense because the Alexa rank has consistently been a controversy, as abounding humans disagree that Google doesn’t affliction about your all-around rankings. Assurance me, I acerb accept that this is one of the a lot of important annual any chiral abettor checks afore even aperture your website statistics. How can anyone bound adjudicator about a website performance? The acknowledgment is simple, and its Alexa ranking. So accomplish abiding you install the Alexa toolbar and apprehend my eBook on how to addition Alexa baronial aural 30days.
Note: Afore applying to AdSense, accomplish abiding your website all-around Alexa baronial is beneath than 400K for faster approval process. Usually the website aloft this rank is advised to be new and underestimated that no abundant abstracts is apparent on them.

Important Pages: 

Google wants to apperceive your character afore you signup to their AdSense program. So accomplish abiding your actualize the afterward pages on your website as anon as possible.
  • Privacy Policy
  • Disclaimer Policy
  • Terms of Usage
  • Contact Us
About Us (Write your name and abode through which you activated the AdSense account)
In the about us section, acutely acknowledgment who you are, and why is this website fabricated for, what is the annual humans get out of your website. The added clear, the bigger the affairs of your approval. Accumulate your spelling mistakes, grammar and punctuation bright if you do this.

Custom Area and Email ID: 

A lot of humans get actualize websites through blogspot and chargeless WordPress platforms to administer AdSense. Note that AdSense aggregation will yield a custom area added actively rather than the chargeless area name. Investing 2$ on a area name is not a big accord if you accept bloom affairs of accepting approval with added factors like mentioned above. So don’t accord yourself a added adventitious to administer the AdSense affairs and get your own area as aboriginal as possible.
Once you accept your own domain, actualize an email ID with your name (name@website.com) to administer the AdSense program. Eg:vivek @interinfo.in will get added absorption compared to vickysingh9616@gmail.com. Note that your chargeless website programs accord you the advantage or abacus your custom domains after paying any added fee.

Decent Traffic: 

Though a lot of portals, forums acknowledgment that Google AdSense doesn’t crave any assertive bulk of pageviews to accept your account, I still feel and accomplished the analysis if you accept a appropriate traffic. Let your blog age a few weeks (atleast 2 months) afore you blitz to administer the AdSense program. I would consistently acclaim you to break until your website get a minimum of 50+ visitors per day. If your website is not accepting abundant traffic, the affairs of bounce is abundant college if compared to added guidelines.

Once your website is accessible with all these aloft guidelines, bang actuality to administer to Adsense, and accomplish abiding you accept gone through the Google AdSense TOC for added advice on the program.

Leave your comments to analysis if your accomplishing acceptable with the process. And if your AdSense was alone admitting of afterward all these aloft mentioned guidelines, shoot me a mail to vickysingh9616@gmail.com and I will advice you out with a chargeless AdSense consultation. Break acquainted to Interinfo for added such absorbing topics!

Also, I accept fabricated a footfall by footfall video adviser on how to administer Adsense if you are searching for added information. Analysis out the beneath video and let us apperceive if you still accept agitation in accepting your annual approved.
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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

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How to Decrease the Bounce Rate Of Your Website

In today's competitive internet market every website is claiming about their quality content but the Google Penguin or any algorithm checks many things to rate a website and in this checks Google also included Bounce Rate of an Website.

First Of all we will discuss about what is bounce rate and then we will go for the measure through which we can prevent it.

What is Bounce Rate ?

Bounce Rate Of Your Website refers the duration of any visitor's life at your website. If the visitor closes the website in few seconds then the Bounce Rate will be 100% and if Visitor spend  sufficient time on the website then the Bounce Rate will be 0%. 

In any field It doesn't matter that How many visitor you got or how many customer you got in your shop but the factor matter is that how many customer buys your product. With the Same Mechanism the Bounce Rate works.

The Harm of Bounce Rate to your website is quite simple and that is you will not able to monetize your ads space, which is your first basic target.

How to Decrease Bounce Rate In Your Website :

To Decrease the Bounce Rate of Your Website You simply have to do the following things which will not only decrease your Bounce Rate but also increase the returning visitors.

Quality Content : We always heard in that Content is King and it is also right. If we consider ourself as a solution seeker who is searching on google for finding a solution for a particular problem then I'll definitely focus on the content which i really need and when I get that solution in your website and I find it quite satisfactory then I'll not only return every time but also I'll spend more time on your website.

Social Connection : To Engage Your Visitor in your website you should also have a social connection with your website like facebook, twitter and other social networking website. Some of you might think that how a Social Connection will help to Decrease the Bounce Rate. The Reason is that when a Visitor is following you on any social website then almost 80% chances are there that S/he is finding some relevant data which you are providing and when you write or publish any new post then the use to send time on it and decrease your Bounce Rate.

Discussion :  Your website should allow visitor to no only read your post but also to Subscribe to your post so that when a new post get publish then immediately he'll get update regarding that. Addition to this a website should also allow a user to comment and share their views regarding that website.

These above are the 3 Pillars through which anyone can easily decrease their Bounce Rate and Earn More.
If You have any doubt then feel free to contact us via email or via comment
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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

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How to Hack/Crack WiFi Network and WiFi Password from Android Mobile

As always we Android is not just a phone. It is much more than a regular phone. Now here we come with other tricks, you're going to do with your Android phone. Today I receive 10-20 emails, Dude how to hack wifi password from mobile Android. It is possible or not.

Now I write this post to my readers who read my blog daily and want to clear their doubts about piracy Wireless mobile Android. This post briefly describes how to hack the wi-fi network and crack the password of any wi-fi from mobile Android.

What You Need to Hack a Network ?

  • Android Phone with good Processor and RAM
  • Your Android Phone Must be Rooted
  • Good WiFi network signal (which you wanna hack)

WPS Connect (Crack or Hack WiFi Password)

Guy Many say this is false application, but I would say to them that this is not a false application, this app working to hack password wi-fi from mobile Android. Basically you can hack wifi network with this application, which has enabled WPS security.

If you find any Wi-Fi network on your mobile Android, which shows the WPS. You can easily connect to any Wi WPS given without any password. WPS WPS Connect evade security and give you access to connect to wi-fi without typing any password.

WiFi Kill (Disable Other User WiFi Connection)

Kill off other wireless WiFi connection user you can loot speed Internet access on your mobile Android. If you experience slow speed wireless Internet on your mobile Android because too many users on the same WiFi network. Download WiFi and kill another user Kick off your Wi-Fi network.

 ZAnti (Penetration Testing Android App)

Zanti is also able to hack wi-fi network password mobile Android. Basically this application is for testing the safety of its wi-fi network. With this application you can disable other wi-fi connection likewifi kill.ZAnti is like a toolbox of mobile hacking for hackers. If you really want an app that can hack hack userwifi another network and you can do whatever you want.

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Friday, 18 September 2015

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How to Use WhatsApp Without Phone Number - Whatsapp Trick

We all know that billions around the world are using WhatsApp messaging application on their smartphones. Users continue to rise every day. Here, I'll tell you a trick Whatsapp helps you use WhatsApp no mobile phone number. There is nothing difficult to perform this trick on your phone. Just follow my instructions to complete successfully.

Install Whatsapp Without Phone Number:

We Mention precudral  instructions on How to Install and use Whatsapp without phone number. 
  • If you are already using Whatsapp account after verifying your phone number, take all the data backup and uninstall it.
  • Now, download Whatsapp and install it again on your phone.
  • We all know that Whatsapp asks us to provide our mobile number to verify the account. But, what is our main aim is skipping the step and use Whatsapp without verifying the mobile number.
  • Therefore, we have to perform the trick in this step.
  • Change your network settings to “flight mode”. In some mobile it may name “Airplane Mode”.
  • Turn it on and go to Whatsapp installation tab.
  • There enter your mobile number and click OK. But, you will not get any verification code because you turned on flight mode on your phone.
  • So, Verification is not completed means your mobile number is not verified.
  • Now, Whatsapp asks you to verify through an alternative way. Here, you have to choose “verify through SMS” option and enter your email address.
  • Click submit and immediately tap on cancel option. You have to perform this action within a few seconds. (Very Important Step)
  • Your authorization process ends in the last step.
  • Now you have to create a spoof message. You can create it using Spoof Text Message if you are an android user. If you are iPhone user, you can use Fake a Message application.
  • Install any of the above according to your phone operating software.
  • Now, go to Outbox, copy the message details and send it to a fake number.
  • You can use below details in order to perform this false verification step.
  • To:+447900347295
          From: + (country code) (mobile number)
          Message: Your e-mail address
  • Now, a false verification message will be sent to the fake number and that is how you completed the verification process without any mobile number.
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